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Colon cleansing - a necessity?

Probably one question that pops in people’s minds at some point is whether it is necessary to go in for colon cleansing or not. Well if you want to maintain a healthy colon and be free of medical problems associated with the digestive system, it is definitely recommended. This is more so for those who consume meat products regularly in their diet. The frequency of colon cleansing is largely subject to the diet one maintains and the fluid intake. Generally it should be done two to three times in a year. While this is not a fixed rule, there are ways to check if the colon needs to be cleansed periodically.

One of the easiest ways is to examine a stool after defecation. The colour should be light brown and it should not have a very strong odour. It should float on the toilet bowl, while being easy to pass. If these features are not present then it is advisable to go in for colon cleansing.

There are many options available these days to carry out the process conveniently. Many people these days choose to buy Oxy powder, which is easily available from online retailers like the Finchley Clinic, among others. It helps tremendously to prevent irritable bowel syndrome, recurrent constipation, and other abdominal disorders. For those who already are experiencing such bowel problems, it is the right time to opt for colon cleansing. There are those who prefer getting the process done at a hospital. The drawback of getting it done in a hospital is the cost of the procedure and the fees of the specialist, who will oversee the process.

A far cheaper and convenient option is to undertake the process within the comfort of one’s home. There are a variety of colon cleansing supplements available both offline and online these days, which are ideal to sweep the colon clean of any excess waste matter.
The principal benefit of maintaining a healthy digestive system is of course maintaining healthy eating habits. Of course someone who is relatively healthy would not need to cleanse the colon frequently, in comparison to individuals who maintain a unhealthy lifestyle with indulgences.

Irrespective of the method one decides to opt for to clean their colon, it is important to remember that the objective of this exercise is to cleanse the colon thoroughly to rid it of excess faecal content that might have accumulated in it over time. While there are cleansing methods like colon irrigation and colonoscopy, these are rather expensive to undertake and take time. The most convenient and cost effective option is to undertake the process at home, through the use of easily available colon cleansing supplements.

Along with this careful attention needs to be paid to the diet and lifestyle one maintains. The more fibre and healthy food one eats, the less frequent will the colon need to be cleaned. An added bonus would be having a much healthier and enjoyable life!

The Hard To Eradicate Candida Problem

If you suffer a urinary infection, it is most likely that candida albicans is at its root.  This fungal infection is caused by a yeast overgrowth and it is very hard to get rid of.  If they are under control the fungal bacteria live harmoniously together with the friendly bacteria.

These fungi live on most surfaces of our bodies and it is only when they are allowed to thrive that they will cause problems.  Because this fungus likes moist and warm areas of the body it is no surprise to find it either in your private parts or in the mouth. Oral candida is called thrush.

This overgrowth makes you feel lethargic, you may suffer wind and constipation and indigestion. Your skin may also suffer. If you are prone to psoriasis or eczema or other dermatological problems you may suddenly find that you experience a flare-up.

There is something you can do about it because there is a very effective product called Threelac. This particular dietary supplement has been on the market some time.  Some sufferers of candida have reported good results.


However, we are not all the same and perhaps you will be better served by one of the other dietary products that are available.

This supplement can be taken with other drugs and medicines.  Some fungal remedies may cause liver upset, but this product contains live bacteria and there have been on adverse symptoms noted.

You do need to realise when one of these products are taken, the yeast fungus will die off.  This will cause perhaps loose stools.  But in experiencing this you will know that the fungus is being got rid of. You may also experience your symptoms getting worse for a few days.

This dietary supplement contains three probiotic micro-organisms which will aid the good bacteria to fight the candida fungus.  Although good bacteria can live in an oxygen arm environment, they much prefer an oxygenated one.  Probiotics will deliver extra oxygen producing strains of bacteria.

Supplements That Help Lift My Mood When I’m Down

It annoys me when people talk about depression by giving simply answers, “oh, you just need to exercise more/you just need to eat better”…it just shows how little they understand: I don’t have the energy to do anything. I can’t force myself up. So, I want to preface this by telling you that I’m not just offering you advice that I think you can follow easily. I’m just telling you about some of the things that I've learned myself over the years.

When I find myself very down, I have a decent regimen of supplements that I like to take. These are always natural products – I don’t like taking things like antidepressants. And, yes, I took them for years. And, yes, I know they help other people. But no, they were bad for me. And, yes, I did try a number of different types.  

OK, so here’s what I take. I'm also going to explain why I think they work, but that might be complete and utter nonsense because I’m not medically trained, and I’m only speaking anecdotally. However, I think I am allowed to tell people how these supplements make me feel, without having to rebut the “but science” deal. It’s my hypothesis based on my experience. I'm not making any claims.

Now on to the supplements:

1.    Garlic
You can buy this in supplement form or you can just chew on raw garlic. Eating the raw stuff makes me feel better than the supplements, but, unfortunately, it makes me smell awful. Fortunately, you can buy supplements with the smell taken out – they don’t feel as effective though.

I’m not sure why the garlic helps. Sometimes I think it might be that I have slightly thicker blood, and that this thins it out. I had a PE at 25, so it’s not that farfetched. I think the thicker blood may tire me out faster than usual, and so I naturally feel more run down.

2.    Turmeric
There is no doubt that turmeric has many beneficial qualities, and one is its anti-inflammatory response. This is something that you have to build up in your system in order to feel any benefits. I find that after a month I start to feel healthier. I’m not sure why an anti-inflammatory might work, but there’s plenty of information about a link between depression and inflammatory responses. In fact, you’re going to hear a lot more about this in the coming decades.

3.    Optibac Biotic
I’m not sure where I picked up this useful tip, but somewhere along my journey through the internet, someone recommended taking probiotics to help boost my mood. I thought it was a crock of nonsense, but I was desperate, so I bought some anyway. After two weeks, I felt a massive difference. I don’t know if it was a coincidence, or what, but probiotics make me feel better, and Optibac biotic is my preferred supplement.


4.    Magnesium, with calcium and vitamin D
No idea which of the three is doing me the most good. I have a suspicion its magnesium, because it has calming qualities. It also gets rid of my restless legs, which is strange. I can sleep better too, which probably contributes to the improved mood.

If you would like further help and advice in choosing mood-boosting supplements, then please visit our official website.

Five Ways to Ensure Good Colonic Health

Your colon is one of the most important organs in the body. It’s also one that we tend not to think about much. There’s a lot of information available about maintaining a healthy heart, healthy liver, healthy brain, and healthy skin, but there’s much less information about maintaining a healthy colon. This is silly, because the colon contributes to the health of every other organ in the body.

How does the colon contribute to the health of everything else in the body? By digesting our food and giving the body the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that it needs in order to function properly. Every organ requires these nutrients in order to function well, so when the colon doesn’t work properly; neither does the rest of the body. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to increase colonic health, including taking supplements such as Oxy capsules. Below, we are going to look at the top five ways that you can maintain a healthy colon.

1.    Eat plenty of fibre. In particular, you need to up your intake of insoluble fibre. The body cannot digest this. That sounds odd, doesn’t it? Why eat something that the body can’t digest? The answer is simple: it’s a cleanser. It acts like a broom, sweeping and cleaning the digestive tract. Soluble fibre is important too, but in terms of cleansing, you need non-soluble fibre.

2.    Cut out difficult to digest foods. There are plenty of modern foods that are causing us problems with digestion. Refined carbohydrates are a particularly vicious example. They contain high levels of sugar and they lack the non-soluble fibre of their non-processed counterparts. Other foods to cut our or reduce including caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. They are difficult for the body to manage.

3.    Consumer adequate amounts of fluid. Fluid is essential to good colonic health. Without it, we tend to become constipated. This is because we need the body to produce lubrication to make our stools softer and easier to pass. If you suffer from frequent bouts of constipation, then the first area that you should examine is your intake of water. You should be aiming for between 1.5lt and 2.5lt of fluid a day. Do not drink excessively, though, otherwise you can end up overhydrated, and this is actually very dangerous.

4.    Exercise is great for increasing metabolism. Metabolism keeps everything moving, including your digestive system. Without adequate amounts of exercise, your body will become sluggish and this will affect the health of your colon. It will be overworked and tired, and consequently work less efficiently.

5.    Taking a supplement can really help to boost colonic health. Supplements, such as Oxy capsules can help you to kick-start the colon cleansing process, as well as maintaining a clean and healthy colon going forward. They will help to balance the digestive system so that it works to its optimal capacity.

We hope that you have learned some valuable information about colonic health. If you would like further help and advice, then please visit our official website.


The importance of introducing Probiotics in Children’s Diets

It can be difficult enough to maintain a healthy digestive system as adults, but even more so in children and babies. As expected, the immune system of a small child is still very much developing and so it can be weaker and more susceptible to bad bacteria. This is probably because even with the best of intentions to promote good hand hygiene in children, naturally they are inquisitive creatures who are always touching new things and forgetting to wash their hands before placing their fingers in their mouths. This makes it incredibly easy for bad bacteria to be taken in and to end up within the digestive system.

So, how can you help to discourage the bad bacteria from taking up residence within your little one’s gut? The answer is a lot less complicated than one might originally think- introduce probiotics into their diet as early on as possible. A product such as Kidslac probiotics is a good place to start. The individually measured out powders contain 5 probiotics that can help to create and nurture a healthy environment in which good bacteria flourish and bad bacteria cannot. The powders are specially formulated for children and are fun to take as they are apple flavoured and can be poured straight into their mouths or used as a topping for ice cream or yoghurts to give a sour yet appealing new flavour.

The sachets namely contain Lactobacillus acidophilus which is one of the most beneficial strains of bacteria to a digestive system as it helps to keep a balanced pH within the colon. This can be particularly beneficial to picky eaters who perhaps wouldn’t have enough of this naturally occurring from their food intake. It also has a mix of Bifidobacteriumlactis, which helps to boost immunity and Bifidobacteriumbifidum which supports good flora within the gut. Another strain of bacteria that’s found in breastfed babies is also present in the unique mix contained within the sachets. Since breastfed babies usually have a better immunity than those who are bottle fed, including those unique bacteria in a probiotic supplement can only be a good thing.

Of course giving your kids probiotics as a stand-alone thing won’t be enough to protect their precious little systems, so be sure to reiterate the importance of basics such as good hand hygiene- always washing hands after using the toilet and again before handling or eating food. Teaching them this from a young age will ensure that they are protecting themselves from harmful strains of bacteria and becoming ill. This is especially important amongst children with siblings, as whilst they might not be very good at sharing their toys, children are excellent at sharing contagious bugs. Giving your children a healthy dose of daily probiotics can help to give them a fighting chance to warding off such illnesses.

Glowing From The Inside Out, How To Keep Your Digestive System Happy At Christmas

Everyone seems to get ten times busier at this time of year, so to be feeling and looking your best, it is imperative that you maintain good overall health and fitness; so that you can be the best you can be from the inside out. There really is nothing worse than having to show up to an important function or party looking pretty good, but feeling absolutely awful inside. Especially if the reason that you’re feeling lethargic and zapped of all energy is due to some form of digestive discomfort, as it means you’d have to pass up the opportunity to sample all of the delicious canapés that keep being wafted under your nose- and everyone knows that the food is the biggest perk of social parties.

Therefore, in order to keep your digestive system working as effectively as it should, you’ll need to ensure that you put the right things into it- after all you can’t expect a petrol fuelled car to perform well if you have filled the tank up with diesel! The same is true of your gut; it will perform best when it is given the correct environment in which to do so. Therefore try, where possible, to incorporate a mix of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your fibre intake up, as well as drinking plenty of water to help flush your system out. It’s recommended that you drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day, so that’s a good median to aim for when monitoring how much fluid you are taking in. Sometimes though, even doing these things won’t be enough to keep everything working as it should be, in these instances, it’s a good idea to help your digestive system out with some probiotics. Whether you get these from fortified foods like yoghurts, or take a supplement, is entirely down to personal preference. Threelac is one such supplement which contains a mix of three unique probiotics. These can help to minimise Candida growth and prevent occasional digestive discomfort. If you are wondering where you can buy Threelac, it is probably easiest to order it online through The Finchley Clinic. As it means that ordering is quick and secure, and the sachets can be delivered directly to your door without you having to brave the wet, winter weather.

The three probiotics found in this product are bacillus coagulans which can assist with sparodic digestive issues, enterococcus faecalis which occurs naturally in the human digestive system but is produced in a laboratory, and bacillus subtilis which can help get rid of bad bacteria in your instestine. Taking them is simple too as the sachets are measured out in single doses an easy way to ensure that your digestive system gets enough of these friendly probiotics on a day to day basis, so that you won’t need to worry about feeling sluggish and tired, and can instead be on top form to enjoy the festive period.

Cleaning The Colon: How A Cleanser Can Help

In order to survive, we have to have fuel. Our fuel is in the form of food and drink. However not all of the food is easily digested and can remain in the body, gradually building up over years. Waste can also build up in the lower gut, thus causing a hedonistic buffet for anaerobic bacteria. This type of bacteria does not require oxygen to survive; it is perfectly happy living in a tiny amount of it and some may even be killed in oxygen-rich environments. If not dealt with, this bacteria can cause health problems.

An answer to controlling the population of anaerobic bacteria in the lower gut comes in the form of an oxygen releasing colon cleanser, one of which is Mag O7 Oxygen Colon Cleanse (Pure Vegan). It is a fast acting vegan cleanser which releases oxygen into the body for over 12 hours and each batch undergoes rigorous chemical testing before it is released. It also contains magnesium, known for it’s stomach soothing properties and it also carries the newly synthesised oxygen through the gut, kidneys and then down into the bladder. The only other ingredients are rice flour, citric acid and cellulose. Using this colon cleanser may help the body to take as many nutrients as it can from foods and supplements and may even help with weight loss.


So how does it work? As the oxygen is carried into the colon, it binds to both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. For the aerobic bacteria it provides an oxygenated environment, which it needs in order to multiply and thrive. However this is not a favourable atmosphere for anaerobic bacteria. As the colon becomes more oxygenated the population begins to fall. It also acts as a stool-softener, making it easier for the body to get rid of undigested waste and therefore removing the conditions that anaerobic bacteria will thrive in.

This product is available through The Finchley Clinic, a North London based company that offers a vast range of supplements designed to help the body restore itself. There is an advice line for anyone who isn’t sure about which product is the right one, as well as an opportunity for a private consultation (fees apply).

It is suggested to use this cleanser on an empty stomach, most commonly at night time however it can be taken in the morning as long as no food it eaten for 30 minutes after taking the capsules. As with most cleansers and supplements, it is necessary to start with a loading dose of capsules in order to kick start the body in action. This loading dose can be decreased once the cleanse has had effect, which is normally between 7-10 days.

It is important not to consume vitamin C supplements within two hours of taking the colon cleanser, because two products will counteract each other. It is perfectly safe to take with other supplements and the use of probiotics should be considered in order to maintain a good gut flora.