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Aerobics For Your Body Cells

When we breathe we take in oxygen.  Oxygen is necessary for our cells to keep our body and organs healthy.  Unfortunately because most of us live in areas where the air we breathe is full of pollutants of one kind or another, our cells are not nourished as they should be.

 Since pollutants are bad for us we need somehow to take in oxygen in a different way and this is where a dietary supplement such as Aerobic oxygen can be of assistance.  This is oxygen in a liquid form which is simply taken like the food we take on board every day.


If your body is undernourished in any way through lack of nutrients or oxygen the impairment of the immune system will often follow.  When the immune responses are lowered we leave ourselves open to all ails that are around us which will weaken you even further.

When this happens the anaerobic bacteria will very often overpower the good ones and this will create an imbalance.  These bad bacteria just love an environment with little oxygen.  If you have ever suffered candida you will probably know that it is caused by a yeast overgrowth caused by the oxygen poor loving bacteria.

Most of the time candida will start in the intestinal tract where the yeast overgrowth produces toxins that can travel far and wide all through a person’s system.  Maybe you are experiencing stomach cramps, bloating, constipation, fatigue or you may just become irritable.  If any of these occur it may be time to try and heal your body naturally without resorting to over the counter medication.

This dietary supplement works very efficiently in bringing extra oxygen to your digestive tract so that the good bacteria can recover and start to work on recreating a beneficial environment.  The bad bacteria cannot live happily in an oxygenated environment and will die off over a couple of days. 

This is the reason why you may start to feel a little unwell as the yeast fungus leaves your body in the normal way.  You will also suffer a little discomfort through loose stools and it would be unwise to stray too far from a toilet.

Now all the above has been explained it needs to be said that this supplement is an excellent water purifier too.  It has been approved by the World Health Organisation for this very purpose.  It is, therefore, a very useful addition to your travel luggage as if you go to a country with an uncertain water supply you can be almost sure to be safe.

I say almost because you can still pick up pathogens by eating salads and uncooked vegetables in these parts of the world.  Ice cubes are also not to be recommended in these countries.  Some of the multiple benefits of this supplement are that you can add it to your stored drinking water, put it on your toothbrush and wash vegetables in water to which some drops have been added.