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High Dosage Vitamin C To Counteract Oxidative Stress

The Camu Camu plant is a native to South America. The plant produces berries that are extremely high in vitamin C. The benefits to our health have caught on in our Western world where Camu Camu powder is now available as a dietary supplement.


In order to harness the berries’ high vitamin C content the fruit is transported in a freeze dried form so that their benefit is not lost during transport.

There are other forms of this fruit available such as juices and capsules. However the berries taste very sour and if you are going to add the juice to your diet you may have to camouflage this taste.

Because Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant these berries are said to strengthen the immune system and you need to add very little powder to your daily diet to ingest all the vitamins you need for the day.

There have been few trials of this product, but the ones that have been done showed people who took the powder as opposed to taking ordinary Vitamin C, showed less inflammation and oxidative stress than the people who just took the Vitamin C.

What is oxidative stress, you might ask? This is the situation where there is an imbalance in the body of the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract them. Free radicals need to be neutralised before they do internal damage.

Free radicals react with our cell structures in a chemical way and thus hijacking the cells’ structure to destabilise them. This can produce a chain reaction whereby multiple cells are attacked.

Oxidative stress is ultimately the cause of some neurological diseases such as Dementia and Parkinson’s disease and other unpleasant chronic conditions.

Although there is little information about side effects of taking this powder, it needs to be said that it may interact adversely if you are taking anti-cancer medication. If you are taking these you should talk to your physician first. Apart from the above, this powder seems to be safe to take.