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New Year’s Resolutions Is Not Just For The New Year

Fit, strong and healthy, these are the sort of words that are thrown around during January. Many people promise that the New Year will be about healthy fitness levels with a surge of signups to a gym, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and some even promise themselves an alcohol free month (dry January). As many people try to watch what they eat, many do jump on the bandwagon of health trends. For example, juicing is certainly popular amongst health enthusiasts. However, all these promises are well intended but as soon as the month is over it seems to be business as usual.

 However, one thing missing from the aforementioned is internal health. The health needed for our internal organs does not seem to have the same focus. 

Colons may not be too glamourous to consider within discussions of health and well-being, but a colon that is well taken care ofcould alleviate the digestive problems that is associated with having a bad colon.

In this case, a person with bad digestion may consider using Oxy Powder. These colon cleansers could help to remove and cleanse the large intestine. Harmful bacteria absolutely thrives within a toxic environment but those who take the vegetarian capsules can use this in confidence as it does not have the side effects associated with taking laxatives. However, while there are no known side effects of oxy powder, during the 7 day cleanse, if you have problems controlling your bowels then make sure there is a bathroom available to you.


Part of the oxy products available at the Finchley Clinic, the colonic cleanser containsmagnesium oxide. The product works by introducing oxygen through the digestive system and the magnesium compounds aid the oxygen into the body. An unpleasant environment is created and sothe bad bacteria cannot thrive. This and other toxic matter is removed thus digestive and intestinal health is primed for better health.