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Your Daily Bacteria Needs

Would you top up your body with bacteria on a daily basis? This may sound strange but it may be ideal for you to do this in order to help your digestive system. Many people eat yogurt and others enjoy miso and sauerkraut. Why these type of food in particular? These are some of the foods that contain friendly bacteria which also naturally occur in our body. Why do we need friendly bacteria? The good bacteria in our digestive system help to absorb the necessary nutrients our body needs. Afterwards, the remaining toxic and faecal matter is then expelled from our body.



The friendly bacteria plays such a vital job in our body and this balance between good and bacteria in our bodies is important for a functioning system that is essential in ensuring the best possible health. However, what will happen if this balance is unsettled? This will lead to a number of problems which include: bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting and even nausea.

Why should you consider using Biocare Acidophilus? This is a supplement that can be used for everyday use. Providing billions of live friendly bacteria, Biocare Acidophilus is helpful in maintain a healthy digestive system.

In the supplement, the first friendly bacterium is Lactobacillus acidophilus. This may help to reduce the unfriendly bacteria that could be cause of the problems of an unbalanced digestive system. The second bacterium is Bifidobacterium bifidum. It may also help to reduce the bacteria that take the opportunity to grow when the digestive system becomes unbalanced.

At The Finchley Clinic, Biocare Acidophilus and other Biocare products are available to use to supplement your diet. Use this in addition to the balanced diet and exercise that people should undertake. Give your health an extra boost!