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Threelac: What’s the Verdict?

Candida is a type of yeast and when found in the human body can lead to overgrowth and such conditions as thrush and fungus infections. Getting rid of candida can be difficult and opinions are still out as to which treatment is more effective. However, one supplement, Threelac, has become increasingly popular in the UK for the treatment of candida overgrowth. This is certainly because many people find that it helps them keep candida under control. However, rather than just taking their word for it, we’re going to explore the topic in more depth.



What’s the difference between Threelac and other candida treatments? Well, the main difference is the strain of bacteria used in the supplement. This supplement has three different bacteria (hence the name, Threelac). These are Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus subtilis, and Enterococcus faecalis. These are all what we call probiotics. They are living organisms that compete with the candida infection and help to eliminate it, and at least keep it at bay.

Does it work? Trying to work out whether this supplement works or not is rather complex. It appears to depend on whom you talk to. Many medical experts will say that it isn’t particularly effective, well, not any more or less effective than other types of candida medication available. For instance, some experts dislike the use of sugar in the sachets. This is because sugar is widely considered one of the culprits in causing yeast infections, so having it inside the supplement is a little counter-intuitive. However, the reason they put the sugar in the supplement is that it makes it taste nicer, and so is more palatable for the user. Furthermore, the amount of sugar is not significant enough to make too much of an impact on the bacteria, so really, you’re introducing more friendly bacteria to the body than you’re introducing the sugar that candida loves.

If you talk to people that suffer from yeast infections and that use Threelac, you will be mixed reviews. Most people that take it feel some benefit, and a sub group sees a significant benefit. A small minority feel no benefit. What these results tell us is that there are different strains of candida and that different people respond differently to the various medicines. So, someone that does not respond to this supplement may respond to one with different bacteria, such as Fivelac or other treatments. It might be that they need to adopt a completely diffident approach entirely. For instance, one of the problems with candida is vaginal infection. Sometimes, these women take supplements that get rid of the infection, but then they don’t do the others things they should do to avoid it returning, such as boil washing everything that has been exposed to the infection, such as underwear. So, what’s happening, is that they’re curing the candida, but then reintroducing it to the body. It’s understandable why people don’t want to boil wash their underwear, but it is essential if you want to treat the infection once and for all. It’s also worth bleaching the bath and shower and throwing out any flannels and sponges.