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Getting Oxygen Through The Gut

It’s a sad fact that modern living conditions mean polluted air and unhealthy food. We may now understand the importance of vitamins and minerals and exactly what they are good for but that doesn’t mean we act accordingly.

 There is no one exclusively important element but oxygen is an essential life-giver. Without breathing oxygen we are dead in minutes and without it in our gut we wouldn’t last much longer.

In an ideal world we would eat nothing but fresh organic food in the right proportion to include the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately that simple prospect does not exist with modern stressful city living where we rely on the supermarket and processed foods that have been refined and preserved with all the original benefits erased.

Sometimes we need supplements and one of the most popular and regularly endorsed is the collection that brings added oxygen into the intestines. Oxygenating this part of the digestive system helps avoid problems like bloating and constipation.

Mag 07 powder is a relatively new addition to this stable of gastro-supplements. It consists of a magnesium and oxide compound designed to travel through the acidic stomach before being released slowly in the intestines.


The object is to encourage a healthy and regular bowel movement with a consistency that makes waste build–up less problematic.

In short, you probably need something like this product if you suffer regularly from a bloated feeling in that area or constipation.

Waste that builds in the intestine will cause an excess of anaerobic bacteria. Waste that does not move steadily will also restrict the absorption of vitamins through the lining. The Mag 07 helps clean the intestinal tract and delivers oxygen that is beneficial to healthy flora.

There are many ways we can attempt to keep healthy and what we eat is a major contributor along with exercise and controlled diet. Unfortunately it is all easier said than done.

In a busy city life it is not possible to avoid polluted air and it is not always possible to avoid the wrong food when we live such hurried lives.