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Clear Your Gut The Natural Way

A lot is preached about probiotics but no matter you think the fact is that in all of the hotter countries of the Middle and Far East there is an ancient and shared belief in these drinks.

 In Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria it’s called Kefir and a more delicious drink on a boiling hot day it’s hard to find. It settles every kind of stomach and guts complaint and ensures regular bowel movement.

These parts of the world are generally less air polluted than the industrialised west and they almost certainly eat a far healthier diet even if there is less spending power. Ancient mountain herbs and spices are known for their medicinal properties and most of all ailments can be traced back to the gut.

Our modern medicines come in the shape of little white pills. Most of these originate from plants but we have totally lost track of that natural form. Many of these plants are releasing oxygen in the gut as this is known as a cleansing agent along with the roughage that usually comes with the plant.

Since we have lost the plot and understanding of natural remedies picked from mountain or valley, we can take a look at natural supplements such as Optibac probiotics.


Probiotics deliver the same as Kefir and provide a boost to the intestines of oxygen and good bacteria that in turn helps clean the bowel whilst ensuring regular movement.

It should be seen as an aid but not a cure. If you need it then you should also be taking a step back and looking at your whole lifestyle from diet to work as well as physical fitness and sleep pattern.

Stress is one of the biggest factors when it comes to digestive problems. It’s not always just a poor diet and it may also be the dreaded rushed fast food that has become the norm of office lunchtimes.

If you suffer from any bloating or irregular bowel movement you may want to consider trying a course in probiotics and Optibac could just be the one for you.