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Oxygen Our Friendly Element

Oxygen equals life on planet earth and without it this would just be another barren star in space. Although it is only 21% of the air we breathe with most of the rest made from nitrogen it is far more abundant than that overall.

 Our very bodies are around 66% oxygen by mass and 90% of the oceans are also oxygen molecules. Inside our digestive tract live many trillions of microorganisms known collectively as bacteria and some of these are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen to live.

Anaerobic bacteria do not like oxygen but although science has identified most of the good bacteria there are still too many different types to know what is good and what are bad.

With all these microorganisms in our mouth and all the way to the point of departure it’s not surprising that sometimes there may be problems. This is when we are constipated or feel bloated or perhaps have the opposite problem along with excessive wind.

Whatever the problem and as long as it is not something chronic enough for you to seek medical assistance a known product like Oxy powder may help.

This product is one of a number of similar ones that helps gently clean the colon. Its mild laxative effect is produced by the release of oxygen molecules that help shift any minor blockages.

Some people advocate colonic irrigation but that seems a rather harsh approach that does not treat the problem further up the digestive tract. It can also be argued that such a method removes gut bacteria best left where it is.


The digestive system is rarely a topic of polite conversation and yet it has to be one of the most fascinating chemical and biological conveyer belts imaginable. Seemingly, no matter what you eat the various enzymes, acids and bacteria will break it all down to maximise the absorption of nutrients.

Our only problems occur with poor diet, not enough fibre and a lack of exercise all of which are essential for good health.