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Are Probiotics Real?

There’s many hype surrounding probiotics. Many people swear by them. However, as with most ‘alternative’ health remedies, many people doubt their validity. Well, you can rest assured that they do exist and that do help our bodies to perform at their best. Probiotics are not ‘alternative’ medicines, and are, in fact, used within the medical world. Below, we are going to explore this subject in more depth.

Let us first start out by telling you, that even if you don’t take probiotics, you already have them in your body. They live in your tummy, your genitals, your eyes and eyelashes, your mouth, your skin, and almost everywhere. Yeah, it’s a bit freaky when you stop and think about it. We have bugs living in and on our bodies. You don’t have to take a supplement, such as Threelac, to have probiotics…they are already here! (-to be read in a scary voice).

Probiotics, what are they?

In all seriousness, they are not scary or dangerous. They are our friends. They go by another name, ‘friendly bacteria’.

They are essential for many of our bodily processes. Without them, there are many things that we wouldn’t be able to do, and we would actually die. Here are a few of the things that they do to help us:

  1. The friendly bacterium in our tummies breaks down our food for us so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients and minerals. Without them, we’d just pass the food we ate straight through – well, it would be a bit mushy, because stomach acid helps too, but you can expect to see broccoli spouts and all sorts. It might be cool once or twice, but nope, we need to digestive food.
  2. The friendly bacteria in our tummies also consume some of the gases that come from other bacteria and from our foods, gases like sulphur, which makes our farts smell bad. Without them, they would be so much worse! That’s hard to imagine, but it’s true.
  3. The bacteria on our skin helps to fight off dangerous bacteria, such as those that cause yeast infections. Without them, we would be giant walking scabs. Not a nice thing to picture, but true nonetheless.
  4. It’s the same with our eyes. If they weren’t there, we would have so many more cases of problems, such as conjunctivitis.

We could literally talk all day about the wonderful things that they do for us. But, just this sample above, indicates how useful they are.

Where do we find our probiotics?

The collection of probiotics in the human body is referred to as ‘fauna’ by the medical profession. We collect our fauna from many different places:

  • When we are born, we collect fauna from the mother’s birth canal. This is why newborn babies born by C-section are given probiotic formulas. It’s to make up for the lack of probiotics from being born.
  • We can take supplements, such as Threelac, which can help us supplement our body’s natural fauna.
  • We get it from the food that we eat. Some foods contain a greater number of probiotics than other foods do. Dairy, for instance, is particularly good.

In conclusion, probiotics are real. Not only that, but they are necessary. If you would like to learn more, then please visit