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Acidophilus is Not a Grummpy Phil

We call some people acid tongued but acidophilus is neither a Greek god nor an angry Philip but rather a type of bacteria of the lactobacillus group.

This is one of the many important bacteria that invade our bodies the second we are born particularly in great numbers if we are breast fed.

The definition of probiotic is a microorganism that protects the host and helps to prevent disease so when you read the words Biocare acidophilus you should know it is a supplement that contains large amounts of the lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria.


Bacteria is good for your gut but not necessarily all of them and a balance between those referred to as bad and good must be kept to help avoid digestive problems.

Supplements can provide the boost of helpful bacteria as well as provide the element of oxygen that is important to the survival of aerobic varieties of these superbugs.

In a previous blog we pointed out that there are four parts to the life cycle of all bacteria whether in our gut or on the top of Mount Everest. They are the most prolific living organisms on earth and sometimes greatly misunderstood.

Bio-science has identified the handful of important ones in our digestive system but we still don’t know with much accuracy how many types there are in our bodies.

Up to a thousand varieties is the latest guess and in total there are many trillions of them in each and every one of us.

A general description of all bacteria no matter where they live concludes that the main contributory factors to their speedy multiplication includes temperature, energy source, acidity along with the presence of elements and minerals such as oxygen, nitrogen and water.

That sounds like the gut is the perfect environment for happy bacteria and despite the fact that they go through the final two stages of life with the stationary phase where growth stops to the death stage where they’re washed away in our stools doesn’t mean we’re likely to run out of them.

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