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Probiotics: What’s the Deal?

There’s always a huge selection of probioticsupplements in the health aisles at the local supermarket. But, what’s all the fuss? Is it just hype, or is there some real science behind them. You walk down the yoghurt aisle, and every other one has probiotic content. You walk down the medicine aisle, and there’s more. Well, if you’re a little confused about the whole thing, don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to look at probiotics in greater depth. By the time you reach the end of this article, you should understand them much better.


From acidophilus capsules to specialist drinks, probiotics are everywhere. But, it’s not just in the supermarket. They are literally everywhere. Right now, you have billions, if not trillions, of probiotics living on your body right now. They live in your guts, on your skin, in your eyes, under your fingernails, everywhere, we are teeming.


Now, that might not sound very pleasant, but it’s actually a great thing. A wonderful thing, in fact. We need probiotics. They help us in so many different ways. They contribute to our overall good health, and they do this in a few key ways:


  1. They help us to absorb nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and energy from our food. They also help us to use less energy during this process, too.
  2. They help us to fight off nasty infections. Without them, we would turn into giant mushrooms, or something equally horrific.


In short, probiotics are our friends. This is why we also give them the name, ‘friendly bacteria’. We have a symbiotic relationship. They carry out all this work in our bodies, and we allow them to live their rent-free.


If we did not have probiotics living in our bodies, we would suffer so many problems, including:


  1. Fatigue and a lack of energy: we would be tired because our bodies would have to work harder to gain energy from food. We would be tired because our bodies are physically unable, on their own, to process some nutrients and minerals.
  2. We would have a compromised immune system. We would certainly suffer from every disease and virus that we encounter. We would have little to no immunity, especially against certain types of infection, such as yeast infections.
  3. We would have tummy ache. The flatulence would be unbelievable. You think it smells now. If probiotics were not there to consume some of the by-products from our food, such as sulphur, then our flatulence would be terrible; we probably wouldn’t even like our own brand!


So, where do we get these wonderful microorganisms?

Aside from collecting probiotics as we move through life, via our food and via health supplements, such as acidophilus capsules, we first collect them when we’re in the womb. In fact, scientists are now saying that a good collection of friendly bacteria in the womb can create a life-long protection against allergies and related illnesses.


Next, we collect them on the way out of the womb, in the birth canal. This is one of the most important places that we develop our body’ fauna. Here, we are setting the foundations for our body’s immune system. This is why, babies born via C-section, have to be given special probiotic supplements. If they aren’t, they will suffer from many different illnesses. In the past, until we made this discovery, this is exactly what happened.

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