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Cleaning The Colon: How A Cleanser Can Help

In order to survive, we have to have fuel. Our fuel is in the form of food and drink. However not all of the food is easily digested and can remain in the body, gradually building up over years. Waste can also build up in the lower gut, thus causing a hedonistic buffet for anaerobic bacteria. This type of bacteria does not require oxygen to survive; it is perfectly happy living in a tiny amount of it and some may even be killed in oxygen-rich environments. If not dealt with, this bacteria can cause health problems.

An answer to controlling the population of anaerobic bacteria in the lower gut comes in the form of an oxygen releasing colon cleanser, one of which is Mag O7 Oxygen Colon Cleanse (Pure Vegan). It is a fast acting vegan cleanser which releases oxygen into the body for over 12 hours and each batch undergoes rigorous chemical testing before it is released. It also contains magnesium, known for it’s stomach soothing properties and it also carries the newly synthesised oxygen through the gut, kidneys and then down into the bladder. The only other ingredients are rice flour, citric acid and cellulose. Using this colon cleanser may help the body to take as many nutrients as it can from foods and supplements and may even help with weight loss.


So how does it work? As the oxygen is carried into the colon, it binds to both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. For the aerobic bacteria it provides an oxygenated environment, which it needs in order to multiply and thrive. However this is not a favourable atmosphere for anaerobic bacteria. As the colon becomes more oxygenated the population begins to fall. It also acts as a stool-softener, making it easier for the body to get rid of undigested waste and therefore removing the conditions that anaerobic bacteria will thrive in.

This product is available through The Finchley Clinic, a North London based company that offers a vast range of supplements designed to help the body restore itself. There is an advice line for anyone who isn’t sure about which product is the right one, as well as an opportunity for a private consultation (fees apply).

It is suggested to use this cleanser on an empty stomach, most commonly at night time however it can be taken in the morning as long as no food it eaten for 30 minutes after taking the capsules. As with most cleansers and supplements, it is necessary to start with a loading dose of capsules in order to kick start the body in action. This loading dose can be decreased once the cleanse has had effect, which is normally between 7-10 days.

It is important not to consume vitamin C supplements within two hours of taking the colon cleanser, because two products will counteract each other. It is perfectly safe to take with other supplements and the use of probiotics should be considered in order to maintain a good gut flora.