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Glowing From The Inside Out, How To Keep Your Digestive System Happy At Christmas

Everyone seems to get ten times busier at this time of year, so to be feeling and looking your best, it is imperative that you maintain good overall health and fitness; so that you can be the best you can be from the inside out. There really is nothing worse than having to show up to an important function or party looking pretty good, but feeling absolutely awful inside. Especially if the reason that you’re feeling lethargic and zapped of all energy is due to some form of digestive discomfort, as it means you’d have to pass up the opportunity to sample all of the delicious canapés that keep being wafted under your nose- and everyone knows that the food is the biggest perk of social parties.

Therefore, in order to keep your digestive system working as effectively as it should, you’ll need to ensure that you put the right things into it- after all you can’t expect a petrol fuelled car to perform well if you have filled the tank up with diesel! The same is true of your gut; it will perform best when it is given the correct environment in which to do so. Therefore try, where possible, to incorporate a mix of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your fibre intake up, as well as drinking plenty of water to help flush your system out. It’s recommended that you drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day, so that’s a good median to aim for when monitoring how much fluid you are taking in. Sometimes though, even doing these things won’t be enough to keep everything working as it should be, in these instances, it’s a good idea to help your digestive system out with some probiotics. Whether you get these from fortified foods like yoghurts, or take a supplement, is entirely down to personal preference. Threelac is one such supplement which contains a mix of three unique probiotics. These can help to minimise Candida growth and prevent occasional digestive discomfort. If you are wondering where you can buy Threelac, it is probably easiest to order it online through The Finchley Clinic. As it means that ordering is quick and secure, and the sachets can be delivered directly to your door without you having to brave the wet, winter weather.

The three probiotics found in this product are bacillus coagulans which can assist with sparodic digestive issues, enterococcus faecalis which occurs naturally in the human digestive system but is produced in a laboratory, and bacillus subtilis which can help get rid of bad bacteria in your instestine. Taking them is simple too as the sachets are measured out in single doses an easy way to ensure that your digestive system gets enough of these friendly probiotics on a day to day basis, so that you won’t need to worry about feeling sluggish and tired, and can instead be on top form to enjoy the festive period.