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The Hard To Eradicate Candida Problem

If you suffer a urinary infection, it is most likely that candida albicans is at its root.  This fungal infection is caused by a yeast overgrowth and it is very hard to get rid of.  If they are under control the fungal bacteria live harmoniously together with the friendly bacteria.

These fungi live on most surfaces of our bodies and it is only when they are allowed to thrive that they will cause problems.  Because this fungus likes moist and warm areas of the body it is no surprise to find it either in your private parts or in the mouth. Oral candida is called thrush.

This overgrowth makes you feel lethargic, you may suffer wind and constipation and indigestion. Your skin may also suffer. If you are prone to psoriasis or eczema or other dermatological problems you may suddenly find that you experience a flare-up.

There is something you can do about it because there is a very effective product called Threelac. This particular dietary supplement has been on the market some time.  Some sufferers of candida have reported good results.


However, we are not all the same and perhaps you will be better served by one of the other dietary products that are available.

This supplement can be taken with other drugs and medicines.  Some fungal remedies may cause liver upset, but this product contains live bacteria and there have been on adverse symptoms noted.

You do need to realise when one of these products are taken, the yeast fungus will die off.  This will cause perhaps loose stools.  But in experiencing this you will know that the fungus is being got rid of. You may also experience your symptoms getting worse for a few days.

This dietary supplement contains three probiotic micro-organisms which will aid the good bacteria to fight the candida fungus.  Although good bacteria can live in an oxygen arm environment, they much prefer an oxygenated one.  Probiotics will deliver extra oxygen producing strains of bacteria.