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How To Dance Again With Energy Water

It was discovered that a chemical compound called silica has the ability to harness hydrogen.


The development of hydrogen rich products came into being which are called crystal energy.

There is now a dietary supplement called crystal energy water which is used as a detox product. If you add it to water it makes use of hydrogen and makes it rich in this element.

Hydrogen is a supreme antioxidant which is the basis of a good detox programme. Your liver is the powerhouse when it comes to dealing with toxins and for this reason it uses more hydrogen than any other organ in the body.


With the help of extra hydrogen it is able to deal with eliminating toxins faster. You need to exercise some caution when adding this dietary supplement to your diet. If too much is taken it can contribute to you suffering an excessive cleansing crisis.

To use this product two or three drops have to be added to water and allow to stand for six to eight hours or preferably overnight. You will find your own level in how many drops you add to the water.

You can use this dietary supplement for other reasons too apart from detoxification.  You can add it to water for an after shower mist. The skin is a perfect platform for hydrogen to assimilated into your body.

If you suffer a sinus infection you can add crystal energy to water and rinse your sinuses daily until the infection has passed. You should not forget to add salt to the water too.

Crystal energy is the result of years and years of study of Hunza water. These are the waters of high altitude and remote glaciers. The people who lived in the Hunza areas were all healthy and reached a ripe old age. This was because they drank the pure waters that the glaciers provided.