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You Can’t Turn Back the Clock, but You Can certainly Stop It Ticking So Fast

If you're reading this article, then we’re guessing that you're aged 25 or older. It’s around this time that everyone starts to get a little bit antsy about it. I’d also hazard a guess that you aren’t any older than 60, because it’s around that time that you realise everything’s OK and it’s all happening the way it was meant to…as a 35 year old, that’s at least what I hope happens at 60.


Even though we can’t reverse the clock (maybe we’ll be able to do it one day), we can definitely slow it down. In order of importance, we’re going to look at the various ways that you can help to stay young and sprightly for as long as possible.


Reduce Stress, Relax, Be Optimistic, and Be Happy with What You Have

Did you know that a pessimistic outlook is the most significant indicator of premature aging? Yep, the more you look on the bad side of life, the faster you age.


That makes perfect sense to me. When you’re pessimistic you're causing all kinds of problems within your body.


  • You're releasing the stress hormones. These are designed to help you when you face real physical threats. If the only threat they're reacting to is mental, then it’s a waste. They prep your body for action, speed everything up. if you do it too much, you tire yourself out and start to age faster.


  • You're not releasing the happy hormones as easily. Hormones like oxytocin which make you feel bonded with people. If you don’t feel bonded, you won’t feel connected, and you won’t ask for help when you need it. You’ll do everything yourself and you won’t be as sociable. That’s not good for your health.


Think of it as the difference between how great you feel on a sunny day, and how lousy you feel on a rainy day. You're setting those environments within your body.


Eat the Right Foods

You are what you eat, it’s obvious. Everything we are we derive from our food. Foods is the building block for humans. We draw our nutrients and vitamins from food and we use this to build the body. For instance, protein helps make muscle.


If we’re eating low quality food, we’ll have a low quality body. Processed foods, empty calories, and junk food are all bad. Not only will they make us fat, but they will give us weak bodies too.


To counter this, eat the young-giving foods. Fruit and vegetables should be bountiful in your diets. You also need to make sure that you get protein. The best source is from lean meat, eggs, and dairy.


You can also take special supplements, such as collagen tablets that will help to replenish and nourish your skin. Supplements have become a dirty word in recent times, but they are excellent when used correctly.


Cut Out the Bad Habits

Cut down, or out, on your bad habits. Stop smoking, drink less alcohol, exercise more (but not too much), and socialise with good people. These will help you to be happy and to be healthy.