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Improving Health and Wellbeing via Dietary Supplements

Health supplements have the capacity to improve health and wellbeing. There are hundreds of supplements, many of which have different health benefits. Our hectic, fast-paced, stressful lives can often lead to nutrient deficiency: we don’t have time to eat healthily, we don’t have the money to eat fresh fruit, vegetables and high quality meats, we’re too exhausted to exercise, etc. If this sounds familiar then supplement can help. Here, we’re going to look at a variety of supplements offered by the Finchley Clinic, and explain how they can bring beneficial effects to your life. 

 Nutrient Deficits

Many of us suffer from nutrient deficiency. The biggest culprit for this effect is a non-varied diet, or the overconsumption of low-nutrient foods, such as take-away and ready meals. Even with a varied diet, many of us can still find that we’re lacking key nutrients. These deficits can cause a range of problems, from a loss of energy to foggy thinking. Here are a few of the products offered by the Finchley Clinic that can help address nutrient deficiencies: 

·         Bio Care: Adult Multivitamins & Minerals. These are taken every day. They provide the majority of necessary nutrients, with the exception of Iron. The benefit of this particular brand is that the capsules are made from ingredients that the majority of people can tolerate. Other brands may use soya and yeast, which can irritate the digestive system.

·         Patrick Holford: Optimum Nutrition Formula. This is more potent than the Bio Care, and is designed for people who have a non-varied diet – usually the high-stress professional. There is a particular focus on energy enhancing nutrients, such as Vitamin D & the Vitamin B complex. However, this is not appropriate for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. 

Athletic Enhancement

People are becoming increasingly interested in athletics. There is a big push for bodybuilding, martial arts, and street fighting. These are high intensity sports, and the people that participate often want to build muscle mass, and they want to build it fast. Several supplements available can help to this effect: 

·         Higher Nature’s ‘Organic Milled Hemp Protein’. Protein is the building block of muscles. Muscle builds by tearing and then repairing (this is why it’s called ‘getting ripped’). Muscle is repaired by protein. By introducing protein into the diet, while simultaneously working out, you can develop much larger muscles.

·         Higher Nature’s ‘PureHemp Protein Sachets’. Again, this is simply a protein supplement that will help to develop muscles. 

Other supplements that help sports performanceinclude: 

·         Aerobic Life’s Aerobic 07. This is an oxygenating supplement; it introduces oxygen to the body. Oxygen is implicit in the body’s reparation systems. It helps to remove toxins and prompts the creation of white blood cells, which act as the delivery system for the immune system.

·         Higher Natural’s Glutamine supplements: glutamine decreases recovery time following exercise, by aiding in tissue growth and repair.

·         GoGo Guarana. This natural supplement increases energy. 


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