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Five Ways to Ensure Good Colonic Health

Your colon is one of the most important organs in the body. It’s also one that we tend not to think about much. There’s a lot of information available about maintaining a healthy heart, healthy liver, healthy brain, and healthy skin, but there’s much less information about maintaining a healthy colon. This is silly, because the colon contributes to the health of every other organ in the body.

How does the colon contribute to the health of everything else in the body? By digesting our food and giving the body the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that it needs in order to function properly. Every organ requires these nutrients in order to function well, so when the colon doesn’t work properly; neither does the rest of the body. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to increase colonic health, including taking supplements such as Oxy capsules. Below, we are going to look at the top five ways that you can maintain a healthy colon.

1.    Eat plenty of fibre. In particular, you need to up your intake of insoluble fibre. The body cannot digest this. That sounds odd, doesn’t it? Why eat something that the body can’t digest? The answer is simple: it’s a cleanser. It acts like a broom, sweeping and cleaning the digestive tract. Soluble fibre is important too, but in terms of cleansing, you need non-soluble fibre.

2.    Cut out difficult to digest foods. There are plenty of modern foods that are causing us problems with digestion. Refined carbohydrates are a particularly vicious example. They contain high levels of sugar and they lack the non-soluble fibre of their non-processed counterparts. Other foods to cut our or reduce including caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. They are difficult for the body to manage.

3.    Consumer adequate amounts of fluid. Fluid is essential to good colonic health. Without it, we tend to become constipated. This is because we need the body to produce lubrication to make our stools softer and easier to pass. If you suffer from frequent bouts of constipation, then the first area that you should examine is your intake of water. You should be aiming for between 1.5lt and 2.5lt of fluid a day. Do not drink excessively, though, otherwise you can end up overhydrated, and this is actually very dangerous.

4.    Exercise is great for increasing metabolism. Metabolism keeps everything moving, including your digestive system. Without adequate amounts of exercise, your body will become sluggish and this will affect the health of your colon. It will be overworked and tired, and consequently work less efficiently.

5.    Taking a supplement can really help to boost colonic health. Supplements, such as Oxy capsules can help you to kick-start the colon cleansing process, as well as maintaining a clean and healthy colon going forward. They will help to balance the digestive system so that it works to its optimal capacity.

We hope that you have learned some valuable information about colonic health. If you would like further help and advice, then please visit our official website.