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The importance of introducing Probiotics in Children’s Diets

It can be difficult enough to maintain a healthy digestive system as adults, but even more so in children and babies. As expected, the immune system of a small child is still very much developing and so it can be weaker and more susceptible to bad bacteria. This is probably because even with the best of intentions to promote good hand hygiene in children, naturally they are inquisitive creatures who are always touching new things and forgetting to wash their hands before placing their fingers in their mouths. This makes it incredibly easy for bad bacteria to be taken in and to end up within the digestive system.

So, how can you help to discourage the bad bacteria from taking up residence within your little one’s gut? The answer is a lot less complicated than one might originally think- introduce probiotics into their diet as early on as possible. A product such as Kidslac probiotics is a good place to start. The individually measured out powders contain 5 probiotics that can help to create and nurture a healthy environment in which good bacteria flourish and bad bacteria cannot. The powders are specially formulated for children and are fun to take as they are apple flavoured and can be poured straight into their mouths or used as a topping for ice cream or yoghurts to give a sour yet appealing new flavour.

The sachets namely contain Lactobacillus acidophilus which is one of the most beneficial strains of bacteria to a digestive system as it helps to keep a balanced pH within the colon. This can be particularly beneficial to picky eaters who perhaps wouldn’t have enough of this naturally occurring from their food intake. It also has a mix of Bifidobacteriumlactis, which helps to boost immunity and Bifidobacteriumbifidum which supports good flora within the gut. Another strain of bacteria that’s found in breastfed babies is also present in the unique mix contained within the sachets. Since breastfed babies usually have a better immunity than those who are bottle fed, including those unique bacteria in a probiotic supplement can only be a good thing.

Of course giving your kids probiotics as a stand-alone thing won’t be enough to protect their precious little systems, so be sure to reiterate the importance of basics such as good hand hygiene- always washing hands after using the toilet and again before handling or eating food. Teaching them this from a young age will ensure that they are protecting themselves from harmful strains of bacteria and becoming ill. This is especially important amongst children with siblings, as whilst they might not be very good at sharing their toys, children are excellent at sharing contagious bugs. Giving your children a healthy dose of daily probiotics can help to give them a fighting chance to warding off such illnesses.