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Interesting Stories about Unspeakable Problems: Bowel Stories

Talking about bowel movements is something that few of us do in company. It’s kind of a taboo subject. However, some of us have problems with our bowels, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). For us, we’re dying to ask people questions about it. We want to know about any tricks or tips to help alleviate problems, move things on, lessen the air and gas, and other things besides.

 Well, for all of you that want to talk, but find it embarrassing, this article might just help. Here, we have collected a few stories, a few tricks and tips to help deal with bowel problems, and some other things that you might find interesting. The idea is that you feel less alone, and that have a giggle too.

Tales from the Crypt

If you have IBS then you understand how often you need to fart, but can’t because you’re in an embarrassing situation, like the doctor’s chair, a classroom or a five* restaurant. We’ve all been there and all of us sufferers understand that you have no option but to let it out. So let’s start by looking at some fart stories we’ve found on our travels around the internet:

•There's the Reddit dude who farted in class the day after eating chicken wings (we all have our triggers, don’t we?). A fart shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but this guy shut the classroom down. The professor thought that there must be a sulphur leak. When that proved wrong, he assumed an animal crawled into the vent and died. Nope, just an IBS fart.

•Here’s a personal one: Flying back from America to the UK on an 8-hour flight. The lady next to me kept farting. Cue lots of tutting, huffing and sighing and loud proclamations of ‘some people are so disgusting’ (typical English reaction; we’re too polite to actually say anything). Once we landed, my boyfriend admitted that it was him the whole time.

•We’ve all walked behind deaf old people (who’ve either reached an age where they no longer care what people think, or they just can’t hear it) and who fart with every step.

Anyway, the point is that we’ve all had embarrassing fart stories.

Tips for Controlling the Monster Below

As a long-term sufferer of IBS, we know many of the tricks and techniques that will help you to deal with it:

1.Keep a diary: there is always a triggering food. It could be one type of food, or multiple types of food, but if you keep a diary, you’ll be able to see when your symptoms flare and what the common denominator was. Dairy is a very common cause of IBS.

2.Take a supplement such as Colosan capsules. They help to keep you regular and help to clean out the bowels. They’re great for preventing IBS attacks, but they’re also good at dealing with the symptoms once they arrive. Colosan capsules are very helpful.


3.Eat lots of non-soluble fibre. Keeping the bowels clean really helps with IBS. Fibre is nature’s sweep. It literally cleans the bowels. Make sure that this type of fibre makes up at least a third of your plate for every meal.